About Lodestar

We are a multifaceted civil engineering and land surveying company focused on our client partners and their individual project needs.

Our Mission

We help to create clarity not only in our work but in our communication and conscientious work ethic towards your project.

No matter the size and scope of a project, we seek to guide individuals and businesses through the multifaceted process of land development. Along the way, our professionals in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying forge an integral resource for the foundational stages of your project.

Planning Project in Office
Land Survey Monument Walking Clients Through Plan

Lodestar Difference

Many companies seek to define their ideal clients and market sector in order to grow their company into what they want it to be. Aspects of that approach may be important, to be sure, but what we seek out has to be about the people we serve and their needs – first and foremost. Whether we are working on small projects or larger land development projects, the approach is the same: how can we best help clients with what they ultimately need to do. Each project is unique and usually has some hurdle(s) to overcome. Great work in a timely manner is to be expected, but it is the little things that separate our impact on a project. We strive to be the type of professionals that dive into the details and do a great deal of listening so that your project gets to where it needs to go.

Our Values

Quality of work and timeliness are the foundation of any good business. Those qualities are what most people expect before they even begin to work with you. But the ability to be conscientious, adaptable, and thorough as the project progresses is what separates one firm from another. Project hurdles will come on every project, but not all people handle it the same. Open communication with the foresight to help guide the project to completion is where we can stand out.


With over 10 years of experience in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying, our president has helped manage projects, large and small, from land use entitlements through the end of construction. Whether that be a small residential subdivision or larger commercial or industrial development projects, we have worked on almost all aspects of a project. As a licensed professional in both fields, that technical capability provides great insight in advancing your project to completion.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA

  • Registered Civil Engineer, CA (C83550)
  • Registered Professional Land Surveyor, CA (LS9613)
  • Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor, NV (030724)
  • Drone Airman Certified (C1584308)
  • Qualified SWPPP Developer / Practitioner, or QSD / QSP (C83550)

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