Civil engineering and land surveying can seem complex and overwhelming, which is why we're here to help. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the services we provide and how they can benefit your project.

What kind of projects do you do? In the land development world, there are few project types (residential, commercial, industrial, public) that we cannot be of service to. We have had a wide array experience from planning entitlements, mapping, to improvement plans. If there is something we can’t do, we will be sure to recommend a quality consultant that can. Reach out, and we can put together a proposal for you.

What size projects do you work on? Our project size can vary from a larger commercial/residential development to a small residential boundary line survey. Each project has different challenges, but in the end we are still providing effective solutions for the tasks at hand. Reach out, and we can put together a proposal for you.

I think my neighbors fence line is encroaching on our property, how much is a boundary survey? The scope and cost for a boundary survey varies depending on the location of the property and the legal description contained in your Grant Deed. In order to quote your project, we need to review record survey maps in the area and potentially your Grant Deed. From there, we will lay out our scope of work that is needed, as well as a fee.

Do I need to get a Record of Survey map, and what is the process for that? Depending on the property, specifically the legal description of it and the survey maps in the area, a Record of Survey may be required by California law. If your parcel has not been mapped before, for example, it will trigger a Record of Survey being required by the Land Surveyor. A discrepancy in field surveyed monuments, as compared to the recorded maps, could also trigger the Record of Survey map requirement. This means that we are obligated to file this map or we could be fined or lose our license. In other situations, a Record of Survey map is something we would highly recommend. If, for example, you have a boundary line dispute with a neighbor, we might recommend going through the Record of Survey mapping process so that both neighbors can resolve a potential legal dispute. The process is that we complete a field survey and prepare a very detailed map that shows what survey monuments we found and how we are establishing the location(s) of your boundary corners. The County then reviews this map and provides comments to address, usually with two submittals. After approval, the Record of Survey map is recorded with the County in the public record and survey monuments are set on your property. The monuments are usually a rebar or iron pipe with our Land Surveyor cap affixed on the top, and driven in the ground. The process is usually 2-3 weeks to complete the field work and map, and then 3-4 months after that until it is officially approved. It is highly dependent on how busy the County is in their reviews. We will take a look at your project and let you know if a Record of Survey map is required for us, recommended, or both.

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