Land Surveying

Boundary Survey

A Boundary Survey is completed for the purposes of locating your property lines and corners. Your boundary lines are located based on the legal description contained in the Grant Deed of your property. From this legal description, our survey team will research County records in order to find all applicable survey maps in the project area. The record survey maps, along with your property legal description, will be used to search for existing survey monuments in the ground (e.g. rebar, iron pipe, well monument, etc.) that can be utilized to establish your boundary line(s) location(s).

Our field surveyors will survey any found monumentation with survey grade GPS/GNSS receivers and/or a Total Station. These surveyed monuments will be analyzed in the office in conjunction with your grant deed legal description, adjoining grant deeds (surrounding properties), and recorded survey maps. After reviewing these sources of information, your boundary line(s) can be located by a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) and shown on a survey map or located in the field.  A boundary survey of a parcel may require a Record of Survey map, or a property owner may want to file a Record of Survey map, which is a type of boundary survey (see Record of Survey section).

Land Surveying

With accurate mapping of your land's property boundary lines and physical features, you can confidently move forward with your construction or development project. Our expert surveyors use the latest technology and techniques to provide accurate and reliable land surveying services that help you save time and money, avoid project hurdles, and maximize the potential of your property.

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