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Erosion and Sediment Control Plan

Any project that breaks ground, especially ones with a lot of grading and dirt work, will be required to have an Erosion and Sediment Control Plan. Most every project requires these sheets in order to pull a Grading Permit, no matter how simple the project may be. This is dictated by Federal and State laws, as well as local ordinances, that ultimately aim to protect our rivers and streams. The goal of this plan is to first prevent/minimize erosion (earthen materials worn away and transported) from happening, and then to control the sediment once it starts moving. This plan is created specifically for when a project is in construction, and is especially important during the rainy season when erosion is more likely to occur. The consequences of both a poor plan and implementation by the contractor during construction is ugly. Beyond the obvious potential for polluting the public bodies of water, a poorly manage site in terms of erosion and sediment control can shut down your project. If local authorities see a construction site with inadequate BMPs, they will stop construction altogether until it is buttoned up.

Civil Engineering

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