Civil Engineering

Final Improvement Plans

After obtaining the necessary land use entitlements (applicable to many projects), final improvement plans will be prepared for the purpose of obtaining building and construction related permits (e.g. grading, demolition, encroachment). The improvement plans are detailed plan sheets that show all the required design information to satisfy the applicable jurisdictions for the project (i.e. City, County, Utility District(s), Caltrans). The plan sheets typically required are a Cover Page, General Notes, Existing Conditions, Horizontal Control Plan, Grading Plan, Utility Plan, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, and Construction Details. Each project is unique, however, so we will always put together a proposal that tries to encompass all the necessary sheets. It should be noted that additional services / tasks are oftentimes required along with the improvement plans in order to obtain all the necessary project approvals (i.e. Drainage Reports, Stormwater Quality Plans, SWPPPs). There are usually a number of consultants needed on a project, and we will coordinate our work with them in order to take the project to completion.

It is highly recommended (for most projects) to engage with an architect early on, and to have us complete a Boundary and Topographic Survey to start the project. This will often save time and expense down the road due to design changes.

Civil Engineering

Using fundamental engineering principles to design and develop structures, systems, and environments that prioritize your safety and well-being. From site design, roadways, and utility systems (water and sewer) to grading and stormwater management, our team is committed to delivering high-quality results that meet your unique needs.

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