Civil Engineering

Grading and Drainage Plan

A grading and drainage plan specifies the finished grade elevations and slopes for a land development project (i.e. new building, asphalt paving, concrete flatwork, pad grades), and shows the design for how site stormwater runoff will be captured and conveyed in the underground storm drain system. For most projects, this plan is required to obtain building and/or grading permits with a municipality.

We will utilize a topographic and boundary survey along with a building floor plan, and any other site improvements planned for the project, to create this improvement plan. There are many factors that go into a well thought out grading and drainage plan, including: capturing drainage, earthwork balancing, site ingress and egress, ADA accessibility, required stormwater BMPs, etc. We typically work in conjunction with the project architect on the site layout horizontally, but we are always taking into account each unique project site and the grading challenges it may have.

Civil Engineering

Using fundamental engineering principles to design and develop structures, systems, and environments that prioritize your safety and well-being. From site design, roadways, and utility systems (water and sewer) to grading and stormwater management, our team is committed to delivering high-quality results that meet your unique needs.

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