Land Surveying

Lot Line Adjustments

A property owner will require a lot line adjustment (or boundary line adjustment) when they would like to change the configuration of their parcel or parcels of land.  This process typically involves a planning application and approval in order to obtain the entitlements to proceed.  A Lot Line Adjustment (LLA) can be between 4 or few parcels, and you cannot create any additional parcels than currently exist.  Sometimes a LLA will also trigger a Record of Survey map that will be completed concurrently with the approval of the LLA.

The process typically involves an initial field survey in order to show the existing conditions of the parcels involved, and lot layout plan which shows the new boundary lines in relation to the parcel conditions.  This site plan will be used by City/County staff to determine if zoning requirements are met.  The land surveyor will then prepare legal descriptions for the new parcels as well as plat(s) that show a visual representation of the new lot lines, the lot lines removed, and the new parcels created.

It is advised to reach out early to the Planning Department and a Title Company to determine what steps or items will be needed to go through the entire process.

Land Surveying

With accurate mapping of your land's property boundary lines and physical features, you can confidently move forward with your construction or development project. Our expert surveyors use the latest technology and techniques to provide accurate and reliable land surveying services that help you save time and money, avoid project hurdles, and maximize the potential of your property.

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