Land Surveying

Topographic Boundary Survey

A Topographic Boundary Survey shows the parcel boundary lines (see Boundary Survey service) in relation to the physical features that make up the “Existing Conditions” of a project site.  This typically includes both natural and man-made physical features, contour lines and/or spot elevations, and the plotting of easements that affect the property.  Physical features located with a topographic survey may include, but are not limited to: buildings, driveways, trees, planters, fences, curbs, sidewalks, paving, streets, ditches, and utilities determinable by surface inspection.

This service is usually necessary when you are planning improvements to your site for a Grading or Building Permit. It is one of the first steps in the design process and provides your architect and/or Civil Engineer with the information necessary for preparing improvement plans (e.g. site plans, grading and drainage plans, utility plans, etc.).  Our surveys are valued by owners, architects, and engineers for providing quality survey information and maps that are easy to read.

We highly recommend this service as opposed to only a topographic survey, because in most cases boundary line(s) locations are essential. If boundary location is not needed now, it probably will be later.

Land Surveying

With accurate mapping of your land's property boundary lines and physical features, you can confidently move forward with your construction or development project. Our expert surveyors use the latest technology and techniques to provide accurate and reliable land surveying services that help you save time and money, avoid project hurdles, and maximize the potential of your property.

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